A list of links affected by the
"Right to be Forgotten" ruling in the EU

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Censored Link Source
wikipedia.org Source
wikipedia.org Source
wikipedia.org Source
uk.news.yahoo.com Source
telegraph.co.uk Source
independent.co.uk Source
bbc.co.uk Source
oxfordmail.co.uk Source
theguardian.com Source
dailymail.co.uk Source
express.co.uk Source
hemeroteca.lavanguardia.com Source
companycheck.co.uk -
companycheck.co.uk -
nextinpact.com Source
taz.de Source
theguardian.com Source
elmundo.es Source
theguardian.com Source
theguardian.com Source
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About Hidden From Google
Email: hiddensearchresults@gmail.com

The purpose of this site is to list all links which are being censored by search engines due to the recent ruling of "Right to be forgotten" in the EU.

This list is a way of archiving actions of censorship on the Internet. This site does not take a side for or against the EU ruling. Instead, it is up to the reader to decide whether our liberties are being upheld or violated by the recent rulings by the EU.

Contact Hidden From Google

For link submissions please use the email above and include:

  • a link to the article
  • a source (censorship notice from Google, news article, Google search results links etc.)
  • suspected or confirmed censored search terms

For all media inquiries and requests, please also use the email above.